Announcing the Adventurous Midwives exploratory expeditions. Join us in building a foundation for our organization

We are excited to announce “The 2021 Passage Expedition” to the Himba people of Namibia, a groundbreaking exploratory expedition to build relationships and conduct research with indigenous mothers and traditional midwives in three remote communities in the Kaokoland. A team of eight from around the world will travel through the Savannah to spend time in the rarely visited communities. This expedition will form the foundation for co-creating programs with a humanitarian aim of supporting the health and survival of indigenous mothers and their babies through collaborative initiatives in midwifery.
We Beleive

Through building relationships and listening to the needs of the community, we aim to create opportunities for the cross-cultural sharing of midwifery knowledge, and contribute to the preservation, acknowledgment and revitalization of traditional midwifery practice and the legacy of indigenous midwives globally.


The 2021 expedition’s objectives will champion the guiding purpose of the Adventurous Midwives organization by creating a foundation for future programs that will contribute to the health of mothers, pregnant women and babies in the villages we collaborate with.

Our Objectives:

• To initiate and build respectful relationships with midwives, women, girls and men that will form the basis for culturally safe collaborative initiatives in midwifery and women’s health related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum in a participating community.

• To gain understanding, conduct research and learn about the health issues and needs of pregnant women and new mothers, including gathering information about birth and mortality rates

We believe much can be learned from traditional midwives. They play a vital role within their community; they are the keepers of vast ecological knowledge, stories, ceremonies and prayers, and are responsible for supporting mothers as they bring their babies into the world. The goal of Adventure Midwives is to see this legacy continue.

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