Adventurous Midwives is a non profit organization that supports the health and survival of indigenous mothers and their babies through collaborative initiatives in midwifery and holistic health that create opportunities for the cross-cultural sharing and revitalization of midwifery knowledge.


To contribute to better health and survival outcomes for indigenous mothers and children through holistic midwifery partnerships and programs that are culturally safe.


Our vision is a world where indigenous women and their families to thrive and have access to all of the knowledge and practices they need to ensure their health and safety; where they can continue to live according to their traditional values and way of life if they choose, and are empowered to make their own choices with regards to their health and way of life.

Core values

  • Non-Intrusive: our approach to expeditions is non-intrusive
  • Culturally Safe: our approach to holistic midwifery and exploration is culturally safe, it respects the needs and identities of peoples we collaborate with, so that everybody can feel safe, respected, and draw strength from their own identity, culture and community.
    Respect: respect for traditional values and belief systems is essential in all aspects of our organization and in all activities that we carry out and contribute to.
  • Partnership: all projects are the result of collaborative relationships with women and their communities.
  • Listening: we identify the needs of women and their communities, their hopes, wishes, fears and struggles through a process of asking and listening to indigenous women.
    Together: we are committed to exploring possibilities of working together with indigenous women and their communities without enforcing ideas, concepts, or judgments that have come from our embedded cultural experience in the west.
    Sustainability: healthy sustainable results in communities are achieved through developing long-term relationships with communities that reflect their identified needs as they continue to change and grow, and striving together to meet these needs.
    Holistic: we are committed to a holistic approach to midwifery care.
    Empowerment: we are committed to encouraging self pride and identity in women and girls, and encouraging women and girls to develop leadership qualities that will benefit them throughout their lives.
  • Thrive: communities thrive when women and girls are empowered to become leaders, and are appreciated for their contributions.
  • Self-determination: we are committed to championing the rights of indigenous women to have agency and choice over their own lives, births, and the decisions that affect their communities and how they live on their traditional lands and off of them.
  • Complimentary: we are committed to co-creating and providing holistic midwifery programs and supports that do not seek to replace indigenous traditional and local practices and knowledge, but rather to compliment them according to the needs of the community.


Through building relationships and listening to the needs of the community, we aim to create opportunities for the cross-cultural sharing of midwifery knowledge, and contribute to the preservation, acknowledgment and revitalization of traditional midwifery practice and the legacy of indigenous midwives globally.


We believe much can be learned from traditional midwives. They play a vital role within their community; they are the keepers of vast ecological knowledge, stories, ceremonies and prayers, and are responsible for supporting mothers as they bring their babies into the world. The goal of Adventure Midwives is to see this legacy continue.

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