Explore. Revitalize. Nurture

We aim to create a global movement of midwives who engage in respectful, collaborative cross-cultural learning and exploration in indigenous communities, nurturing the continued health, vitality and survival of indigenous women and their babies through revitalization of oral traditional midwifery knowledge and practice, and the provision of care that addresses the self-identified needs of these women. Through ensuring indigenous women’s voices are heard and their needs met, the health, well-being and prosperity of the whole community is nurtured.
Through journeys that offer immersive cultural experiences and opportunities to build collaborative relationships with the participating communities, we aim to offer practicing midwives, holistic practitioners and researchers an opportunity to learn about traditional knowledge and practices from indigenous midwives, and support indigenous women in their communities to provide ongoing safe health care.
Through this unique exchange we aim to support indigenous women in providing their families and communities with safe midwifery practices that compliment not replace, their own knowledge and practices. We believe much can be learned from traditional midwives. They are the keepers of vast ecological knowledge, stories, belief systems, ceremonies and prayers within their communities, and are responsible for supporting mothers as they bring their babies into the world. We are here to learn, share knowledge and CO-CREATE programs with these women. Our programs provide birthing kits where applicable, offer opportunities for midwives to share and learn from one another, and provide holistic midwifery curriculum and care from participating practitioners from around the world.

Our Expeditions


A non-intrusive and culturally safe approach to exploration and cross-cultural exchange through providing opportunities for contemporary midwives and holistic practitioners to journey to remote participating communities and experience traditional life, and share and receive knowledge about their practices. Expeditions are based on respect and relationship building and will offer participants unique experiences that contribute to the revitalization and nurturing of the remote communities, as well as to their own communities whom they serve at home.

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A collaborative and respectful approach to sharing knowledge, practices and stories that pertain to midwifery and holistic care and the documentation and acknowledgement of indigenous knowledge and practices with full permission and involvement in the process by their owners or keepers. Contributing to the revitalization of oral histories, language, rituals and rites of passage, and ways of living on the land through supporting empowerment and self determination, and encouraging pride in culture, identity.

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A culturally safe and holistic approach to midwifery, working with indigenous women according to their own needs, wishes and values in order to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality, and provide them with ongoing sustainable opportunities for holistic care and well-being support within their communities. Using a wholistic model for community health that recognizes and promotes indigenous women as empowered leaders, knowledge keepers, and essential to the future vitality and success of their communities.
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